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Keenon owns a variety of delivery robots, the products have accurate positioning, stable operation, fast speed and other performance
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Featured Products
Delivery Robot-T1 Image
Delivery Robot-T1
The multi-sensor fusion technology,based on LIDAR, machine vision, depth senor, etc., has the ability to locate and navigate high precisely indoors
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Delivery Robot-T2 Image
Delivery Robot-T2
With 160 liters of large capacity, 50 kg of large load, atmospheric and practical square body, more powerful motor configuration.
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Other Delivery Robot
Delivery Robot-T5 Image
Delivery Robot-T5
Delivery Robot-T6 Image
Delivery Robot-T6
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Keenon Robotics Co., Ltd.
Keenon Robotics Co., Ltd. is the global leading AI company focusing on indoor intelligent service robot with over 11 years of experience! We are the expert in the field of indoor autonomous navigation and provide brand new intelligent autonomous delivery solutions for our customers. Our products are mainly applied in fields such as catering, medical care, hotels, entertainment, retail, venues, government affairs, offices, real estate, communities, banking, post offices, finance, insurance, airports, stations, etc. Keenon Robotics Co. Ltd is headquartered in Shanghai, concentrating on stable, efficient, and practical commercial service robots. Our core competitiveness is autonomous positioning navigation and core sensors. We pioneered commercial-grade indoor positioning and navigation systems, intelligent dispatching systems, etc. We have developed a variety of commercial service robots to meet different customers' requirements. Our robots have served in more than 500 cities in China, as well as over 60 overseas countries, such as the United States, Germany, Canada, Spain, Italy, Greece, Belgium, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and UAE, etc.
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shanghai, China
No of employees
Year Established
Business Type
Artificial Intelligence, Robot Manufacturer
Primary Products
Indoor delivery robots, Disinfection robots,Restaurant robots, Hotel robots, and Guiding robots, etc.
Funding Rounds
Series D
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